What we do

(HIV/AIDS football workshop)

Challenge provides recruits and matches volunteers with one of our charitable football academy partners abroad and also run our own charitable football tours. The volunteer trips and tours enable our partners to receive hands on support on the ground with their football development programmes.

The money we raise through the football tours goes towards Challenge football development programme Goals4Life. Poor and marginalized people have often been viewed as the target of poverty reduction efforts. At Challenge we work with Community Driven Development (CDD) approaches that turn this perception on its head, we treat poor people and their institutions as assets and partners in the quest for sustainable solutions to development challenges. Challenge is raising funds to provide our partners with the tools needed to set up community owned social enterprises to generate income to make the football academies self sufficient.

The enterprises include a: -

The funds generated from the enterprises are to be used for the running of the football academies programmes and to fund: -

An example of our planned Kenya Goals4Life programme can be found here