For any donations we ask that you donate this through BTmydonate. This is because there are no fees for the transactions and we can claim gift aid on the donations.

BTmydonate can be used by all nationalities as long as you posses the following credit or debit cards: Visa, Maestro, Solo, VISA Electron, MasterCard, American Express. You will need to state the amount you want to give in pounds sterling (£GBP). If the money is coming from a credit or debit card that uses a different currency then please note that the amount taken from your account will vary, according to exchange rates and any foreign transaction banking charges.

Regular Donations

You can make a one off donation or a regular payment to our charity. You will receive a quarterly newsletter with updates of our work to see how your donation is changing the lives of the youths on our projects. Please click on the BTmydonate icon below to donate.


Membership Donations for Volunteer Trips or Football Tours

To participate on our volunteer trip or on a tour you will need to donate £175 for years membership.

The year membership entitles the member to volunteer on as many Volunteer Trips and Football Tours as they choose to in their years membership.

To become a Challenge member you will need to put down a £175 donation through through BTmydonate.

Donations for Tours

Set up a fundraising page on the BTmydonate website and get your friends and family to sponsor your trip, you may choose to do a fundraising activity to encourage them to donate or donate directly.

Note the 'gift aid' total is not the placement donation. The placement donation is excluding the 'gift aid'.

For all ticket events or donations raised off-line you can deposit them into your bank then cash it onto your fundraising total through your fundraising page.

Most importantly- Share your BTmydonate page with all your friends and family through your facebook and Twitter accounts.