Mission Statement

About Us

Challenge (UK) is a registered charity in England and Wales no. 1141627. We work with charitable football academies overseas and provide personal, funds and equipment to enhance the lives of the disadvantaged kids involved in the academies we support. Our current based is Kisumu, Kenya where we the first Challenge Youth Football Academy is now presently being built. We specialise in recruiting and preparing volunteers to travel to work with our partners overseas though volunteer trips and our charitable football tours. The charitable football academies that our charity supports are all non paid voluntary organizations that rely on the good work of volunteers to continue to operate. By sending volunteers we supply much needed additional support on the ground to help the disadvantaged kids in the academies.

Challenge only partners with charitable football academies that share Challenge charitable football objectives. The academies must use football as a means of development and not only teach of football skills but life-skills, health education, youth rights and social responsibility for the environment and the local community. The fundamental rules of our partner football academies is that they are ‘free to use’ and they have the open policy of ‘never turn a child away’, whatever football level the kids plays, whatever sex they are, whatever race they are and whatever social standing they come from.